Circle of Life Watch

This watch comes with the chip 3.7 For the support of the Organism

  1. Chip 3.7 is controlled by the Movement of the Clockwork
  2. Note: the Movement is used to drive the Chip.

This stimulates the synaptic clefts throughout the body. The result is the same as a massage …when synaptic clefts calm down…the organism receives oxygen. This ensures better blood flow to cells and tissue.


von der Goldenen

Circle of Life Uhr 2006

This watch was popular not only because of its extraordinary shape & meaning but also because of its special effect. NTA Nano Chip made of lava ceramic stone with incredible performance for the organism. No longer producible today. A watch of a special kind. Made from 14K (585) & 18K (750) Gelbgold (Preis  285 -320 000.- US Dollar) Von 2006 bis 2010 wurden 472 Stk. Verkauft. USA, DUBAI, Abi Dhabi, INDIA, KANADA, DEUTSCHLAND, SCHWEIZ und ENGLAND 80 Stk. Brillanten ca. 8.59 ct. ca. 284-294g. Gold Gewicht. It took 1 year to make a watch like this.

Circle of Life Watch 

Origin and development of the Circle of Life Watch

Many people wait for that special opportunity in life that will bring them more success. Successful people don’t wait for it, they create the opportunities themselves by using their own motivation, willpower and strength to go their own way. So don’t wait for life to give you a special opportunity. Find or create them yourself. Only those who achieve more and do more will reach the desired goal. It is my life and the power that is within me.

Ladies’ & men’s watch in 316L stainless steel with Nano-Technology 2023

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