PA-SO – East Asia Production (China & Japan).

Since 1989 we produce in Japan & China.

We manufacture pharmaceutical packaging, product packaging, bags, pulse-oxymeter measuring instruments and Tatanka Sun products, as well as respirators since 2014. As there are more than 290 mask manufacturers in East Asia, we have only produced about 5000 pieces per month. Due to the strong demand of the current situation, since the beginning of March 2020, the production of KN95 masks only, has increased to more than 2 million pieces per month.

As the situation of breathing masks has changed, we now also supply the countries Switzerland, USA, Germany, France etc.

1 Box of 10 pieces:

Price US: 34.-

per piece 3.40.- (inkl. Shipping) without VAT
Note: VAT per country:
USA varies according to US – state.

Our boxes cost normally 30.- without VAT. (per piece 3.0) But since March of this year, due to circumstances, the costs of the transport companies as well as material have increased considerably. This makes the added value price. Thank you for your understanding.

PDF: info here

Technische Information (wear for about 3-5 days, depending on the application)

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Respirator mask KN95

Our KN95 mask is characterized above all by the fact that it has an even higher protection factor than FFP2 masks. With a defenceagainst 95% of all fine dust particles, droplets and infectious elements SARS is itself protection against -CoV-2 (Coronavirus) or other rapidly spreading diseases. Due to its flexibility, Model KN95 is also the ideal respirator for spectacle wearers.

  • Ideal breathing mask against droplet infection and fine dust
  • Reliable protection thanks to KN95 certification
  • Even higher protection factor than FFP2 masks and thus a top product in the protective mask comparison
  • High wearing comfort for hours of wearing and every face shape

Attention New price: Due to the current coronavirus situation, the duty amounts to Fr. 0.00/100kg gross. This is a temporary duty suspension of the Bundesrat ( Klick Hier> Verordnung), which is valid until October 9, 2020.

Disposable Protective Masken

Protective masks / hygiene masks. (50 pack) – Z.Q.R.Medical, Instrument. L.T.D is a subsidiary of Tatanka Sun Group Ltd & Multi-Health from pa-so. Asia

Medical masks

Protective masks – YLC. Medical Masks (20 pack)

Laboratory – Protective masks

INFARMED CERTIFIED / Directive 93/42/EEC Class 1 and therefore also DIN Standard EN 14683:2019-6 Type I conform CE CERTIFIED


2 outer layers – fabric 100% PES 95 g/m2
Inner layer of the mask – fleece 100% PES

Washing instructions


1 Packung (10 Stück) Schutzmasken

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DPM Masken

1 Box a`50 Stück Schutzmasken

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YKC-Medizin M.

1 package (20 Stück) Schutzmasken

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Labor Masken.

 ÜBER 100 X Waschbar Schutzmasken

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