Muhatan Cuff

This Bracelet comes with the Chip 1.4 & 1.41

  1. For the support of the central nervous system
  2. For the cerebellum (depending on age, size & weight)
  3. For the support of the 3 nerves between eye / ear and foot for movement processes
    For the Support of the hormone & thyroid gland in the body

The Muhatan CufF

Handcrafted Swiss Made

Buffalo Sun

Die 4 Wege

Silber Cuff

Mit Chip 1.4 & 1.41

Cuff in 4 Grössen

Size 12 / 12.8 / 14 / 14.5

Schwarze Turmalin

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Muhatan Cuff

& Circle of Life Watch 

Muhatan Cuff and Circle of Life Watch The Performance of Cuff together with the Circle of life watch is the best combination. The Cuff with the chip 1.4 & 1.41 with its Functions & Circle of Life watch which helps to generate oxygen for the Organism.

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ab märz 2024

At the end of March we will also have a Blue Chip for our Muhatan Cuff as many are already wearing the TS-2G or TS4 model. This chip replaces the neckles and the pads. (Prerequisite is that you wear the TS-2G or TS4).