We are a Group of people who love life. Everyone is aware that we have only this one organism. The question is not: What does the organism do for us? But: What do we do for our organism? We – with Tatanka Sun – are people who use this knowledge. We support our organism in its function. We support the nervous system. We wear Tatanka Sun. We live this life more efficiently.

Tatanka Sun – Jewellery redefined.

Bracelet, pendant TS Handcrafted to perfection. Seamless body in pure silver. Hand set stones. Incorporated symbol. With the secrets of the natural mathematics of sun and buffalo. Filled with natural elements of science. High wearing comfort. Finest, handmade from Buffalo leather. Developed for a single reason. For the organism. Filled with negative ion anions) for the support of the human nervous system.

A healthy, functioning organism has strength, vitality, energy.

Why does man destroy this perfection? Quite simply. Man is stupid and ignorant. He lies to himself with excuses: Instead of a glass of wine – today a bottle. Instead of a cigarette – a pack. Eat full – and then eat nothing. Instead of a healthy diet – fast food. Instead of moderate sport – sport as a means of cultivating your image. And you think you’ll stay healthy. Ignoring is a way of consciously reinterpreting reality: It doesn’t concern me. Mobile phones, computers, electronics, cars, airplanes are amenities of life, produced by people for people.. These innovations have the consequence that not only the environment, but also the human organism is massively burdened. As a result, the negative and positive ions lose their balance. If the function of the organism is limited, people simply explain the symptoms as natural diseases. So man only cares about his illnesses instead of asking where they come from. For the comfort we are ready to live with diseases. As long as I am not interested in the background of these diseases, they do not affect me.
And yet I mean to love my life. We from Tatanka Sun do it.

We carry Tatanka Sun and you? Jewellery redefined.

Designed to support the central nervous system

TS-Silber Chip 3.9 Technology

TS-S & TS Model

  • TS-S with Stones / light or dark
  • TS without Stones / light or dark

Ladies or gentlemen band in Black, Blue or Brown buffalo leather strap.

Swiss Made. With Wave Impuls CHIP 3.9

Circle of Life Model

  • TS-CLS with Stones
  • TS-CL without Stones

Ladies or gentlemen band in Black, Blue or Brown buffalo leather strap.

Swiss Made. With Wave Impuls CHIP 3.9


  • TS-AS with Stones / light or dark
  • TS-A without Stones / light or dark

This pendant is delivered with a silver chain of 18 inches.

Swiss Made. With Wave Impuls CHIP 3.9